How to Dress Country: Caps, Belts, Shirts, oh my!

3 Essentials For Every Country Man

Are you constantly saying things like “howdy,” always outdoors, and would rather ride your tractor to work than your car? If that’s the case then you’re a country boy in need of a country get up. There are three essentials that will make your outfit go from country boy to country man. Check out our caps, belts, and shirts and before you know it the whole town will be checking you out.

Caps Shirts Belts

 Country Caps

Keep the sun out of your eyes with one of these rustic-looking caps. Sport our distressed “Lucky Bucky” cap for that just got off the farm look. The dark brown tone is great to hide dirt stains and will totally match a pair of rugged boots. Forget those plastic buckles that make for a little boy’s outfit. The metal D-ring buckle makes this a classic cap fit for a man. Another cap in brown we have in store is our leather slugger. The leather fabric is as sturdy as your best pair of boots. Royal blue always looks great on a cowboy. Wear it with a jean shirt or simply a pair of jeans and you’ll be ready for star gazing. We love the “Crazy Cowboy Company” logo that will let everyone know you’re a southern gentlemen (or crazy cowboy?).

Luke Bryan knows style.

Lucky Bucky CapLeather Slugger CapLuke Bryan Knows StyleCrazy Cowboy Cap

 Country Belts

Belt out your country love with a western buckle. On the top of our list is an eagle buckle belt in a chestnut color. An eagle symbolizes courage and determination, synonymous with a true country man. The eagle is surrounded by a detailed border and made in brushed nickel. The distressed leather strap emphasizes the nickel and allows it to stand out. Trust us, you’ll have people asking who you saved to earn a belt like this. Next on our list is the explorer’s belt. 100% leather with distressed wrinkles and leather lacing, this belt could not be anymore fit for a country gentleman. Holding your pants up in true country fashion, you can wear this belt riding the tractor or out for dinner. We’ve exploded with excitement from the volcano belt. A distressed strap with a matching distressed leather buckle creates a perfect country look without breaking a sweat (save that strength for the farm). Belts are a great way to add to an outfit even if your pants fit perfectly.

Looking good George.

Eagle Buckle BeltGeorge Straight Belting ItVolcano BeltExplorer Belt

Country Shirts

The second we heard Tim McGraw sing, “I had a barbeque stain on my white tee shirt,” we sounded our closet’s alarm to find all the country tees we had in store. Alright, so Country Habit may not have an alarm, but we did take this tee shirt business seriously. Our closet is so full of post worthy tee shirts it was hard to choose three. “Born Country” is totally how we would describe a man of country, and perhaps ourselves. The eagle symbol covered in a patriotic pattern will have all the girls in full swoon. The dark black shade makes for a sleek look. Did you know about R.E.D. Fridays? It stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed.” We love a shirt that shows our soldiers some love and respect, especially against this shade of red that is certainly eye popping. Our “Keep Calm and listen to Country Music” tee is made for those summer concert trips and nights of camping. Comfortable and witty you’ll without a doubt stand out among your friends.

Born Country TeeTee TrendR.E.D. Tee  Keep Calm and Listen to Country Music Tee

Do you pride yourself on any of your country accessories? What does your favorite t-shirt say? Enjoy your summer days and nights looking as good as your pickup truck.