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Proof Baby Names Are Getting Dumber

Every year it seems as if the names that parents give their children are getting more and more outlandish.   The list of the most ridiculous and hilarious (yet adorable) baby names for 2015 has come out, and,...
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12 Ways You're Wearing Heels Incorrectly

12 Ways You’re Wearing Heels Incorrectly

Stop everything you're doing right now and take a look at your feet.  If you're wearing heels, chances are you're wearing them incorrectly and it's having effects on your body you likely haven't recognized...
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Things Women Wear That Men Can't Stand

Things Women Wear That Men Can’t Stand

From our bodies to our politics to our place in the home, men have a whole lot to say about what women are doing at all times.  Our clothes too?  Can we have anything that men don't speak out on?  It's...
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