Celebrities Who Overdosed

There are people who think there’s no way they’ll ever overdose.  Many people in the grips of addiction become addicted in the first place because they feel like it gives them a sense of control in a life that feels otherwise out of control.  This is certainly true for celebrities who use, as they often feel they must find ways to cope with the pressures of being famous, wealthy and powerful.  Sadly, when it comes drugs, things can easily spiral.  Certain drugs have an ever-present danger of overdose.  With street drugs, there’s no way to tell the strength of the substance.  What a person thinks it just another hit can become their last, and drugs don’t discriminate between a wealthy celebrity and an average street junkie.  Some people are lucky enough to have this experience and survive, others did not.  Here are some of both in a list of celebrities who overdosed.  Some of them may surprise you.

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