Country Food: 5 Best Foods for Skewers

The more delicious country food is, the more messy it gets. All food is easier on a skewer. Think about it, you’re sitting around the campfire and all you want to do is grab your guitar. Too bad your fingers are drenched in barbeque sauce and sticky with marshmallows (the struggle is real!). Next time simply slide your food on a skewer. After some extensive research we found the top 5 best outdoorsy foods to stick on a skewer, and we’re loving them all! Fried chicken and waffles are sure to be a hit when your friends come over for a bonfire. We’re also salivating over the macaroni stick we recently discovered. Once the macaroni is cooked simply pour it into a tray and stick it in the fridge. After it’s chilled for a bit, cut the platter into squares and stick a skewer into each one. If you’re in the mood for potatoes just chop them up, place them on a stick and roast those suckers in the fire. Of course we can’t talk about food without including sweets. We found skewers with fruit, corn bread, and even s’mores, hallelujah!

If you’re lookin’ for a recipe check out our favorite ones here:

Fiery Fried Chicken and Waffle Recipe: Fried Chicken + Mini Waffles

Mouth Watering Macaroni: Mac + Cheese (plus extra cheese), pour into pan, put into fridge until solid, cut into squares

Purdy Potatoes: Take serving of baby potatoes as wanted, roast in over with rosemary and cajun spice

Fit (as a fiddle) Fruit: Grab your favorite fruit and stick it on a skewer (cut it into fun shapes for a stylish twist)

Country Lovin’ Corn Bread: Try an easy mix or try from scratch (1/2c butter, 2/3c white sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cup buttermilk, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup flour, 1/4 tsp salt)

Scarce as a Hen’s Teeth S’mores: Melt chocolate chips, crush graham crackers, dip your marshmallow in each

Anyone want to bring them to the office?

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