How to Dress Country: A Man’s Vest

Down West We Like the Vest

Vests are significant to a country man’s attire for both fashion and convenience. The trend started out as not a trend at all. In fact, vests were worn solely for their pockets. Those that rode horses wore pants that were too tight to fit a knife or a pack of matches. Once vests were made, cowboys were able to carry all their necessities while keeping extra warm in the cold. Now years later whenever you imagine a real horse riding, animal hunting, cowboy they are always wearing a vest.

VestVestVest trend Vest-trend

It seems the vest trend is being forgotten due to modern times. Country men are now equipped with larger pockets and many are leaving the vest style behind. We’re bringing it back people.Country folk are all about traditions, from crawfish boils to weekly fishing trips, the vest is a tradition we must carry on. Mornings are always cold and a vest will help keep you warm. Once the hot sun hits unbutton the vest for a cool breeze. We love a great vest because it will go with any outfit, casual or formal, plus it isn’t high maintenance (less laundry heck yes). Adding this piece to your outfit will ensure you a down to earth country vibe. Leather and suede are the two best fabrics for a man’s vest. Both fabrics are rugged and sturdy enough to last a long time through all those country adventures. Oh gosh, leather or suede, how will a man ever choose? We’re here to break down the difference between the two materials and help you choose which is best for you.


Leather is a rugged material fit for a sharp dressing man. Usually a heavyweight fabric, the one featured in the Country Habit closet is actually lightweight. This is beneficial in keeping the vest an all-year-round wardrobe piece. Leather can go both casual and formal depending how it’s worn. Pair a leather vest with rustic looking jeans and your ready for a horseback ride to the lake. Throw on a leather vest with an embroidered Western shirt and a pair of dark wash pants and you’ll be ready for a fancy evening out.

Leather VestBull Riding in a VestSimple Long Sleeve to Pair with VestBull Ridin' Vest


Suede differs from leather in that it is worn in a more formal way. The soft material gives off a clean cut and sophisticated vibe. We suggest pairing this fabric with a collar shirt, preferably plaid.  Add on a pair of dark wash pants and your handsomeness will go from a 5 to George Straight (on a scale from 1 to George Straight of course). Suede is a heavier material than leather and will therefore be extremely useful in the chilly mornings and throughout the cold seasons.

Tan Suede VestClassy VestBlack Suede Vest Looking smart!

Join the country fashion movement and grab a vest to keep the tradition alive. Everyone on the ranch will be joining in on your trend and soon you’ll feel like a cowboy back in the 19th century. Dress like a real cowboy, feel like a real cowboy, be a real cowboy.