How to Dress Country: Girly Pieces for a Country Gal

Girly Glamour with Country Flare

Muddy boots and ripped jeans aren’t the only items a country girl wears. Believe it or not we country girls like to dress up (when it doesn’t interfere with our horse riding and mudding). If you’re looking for a girly country look with maximum comfort then you came to the right post.

Country Gal Style

Country Dress

Lots of girls wear dresses. For the country girl a regular dress simply won’t do. We’ve sought out the perfect Western dresses that will keep you stylish and comfortable. You’ve seen the pattern on a hot summer day when feasting on your picnic. The stylists at Country Habit sought out two checker patterned dresses that are a perfect additions to a girl’s wardrobe. Ol’ red is not only the title of a Blake Shelton song, but it is also one of the prime colors for summer. The red and black checker dress is a fitted cut that will show off your waist. The button detailing down the dress adds a sophisticated vibe to a casual dress. Look closer and you can see what really sets this dress apart from the others. In front of the shoulders fall two embroidered  pistols, talk about adding some sharp-shooter edge to a sweet look. The dress also comes in a gray shade with red lining and instead of pistols on the shoulders of the dress, the words “Giddy Up” are embroidered in red on the bottom. These simple embroideries add some great country flare. Another style dress we are digging is the roam thigh high dress. Equipped with a sheriff’s star and a blend of neutral earthy tones this dress is a must for every laid back country darling. It’s easy to throw on before you head off on your adventures. The sleeves of the dress have subtle ripples that add a feminine twist. Whether you’re around the campfire or cooking up a Southern storm, these dresses will earn you more compliments than cows on a farm.

Gunslinger DressGiddy Up Western Dressdress4Free To Roam Thigh High Dress


Once you have the perfect dress it’s time to find your perfect bag. We present to you the fire red/ black purse, the yellow sunshine/ black midnight purse, and the pink/ gold purses. Depending on your mood you can switch between showing off the red/ yellow/pink color or the shade of black/ gold. This bag is extra awesome for a number of reasons. First of all a country loving gal needs storage to hold her hair ties, bullets, and other necessities. With a built in back pocket and various inside pockets you will never run out of room. The zipper that runs along the side is not only for style use. You can buy two purses and unzip the sides to mix and match, talk about a savvy find. Camouflage will never go out of style for a country girl. Our closet is now home to a camouflage tote that is giving us gold fever (in the best way possible). Snapped closed with a rhinestone buckle, this camouflage tote is a perfect balance between swanky and simple.


Red/ Black BagYellow/ Black BagGold/ Pink BagCamouflage Tote

We love this cowgirl’s dress-bag combo.



What style is your favorite dress?  Are you fan of the checkered designs? Do you own any fiercely customizable bags? Show us your favorite dress and bag combination! You can’t go wrong with an attire full of these items.