Here’s The Longest People Have Survived Without Air, Food, Water, Sunshine, or Sleep

Do you enjoy eating? What about breathing, or uh… sleeping? There’s nothing better than a freezing cold, thirst-quenching glass of water after you’ve just come back from a run on a hot summer day. We’re sweating just thinking about it. What’s a summer day without summer sun? But imagine a world where you can’t have any of those things. No food, no water, no sunshine, no sleep, and you can’t even breathe! What is going on! Chill out, you might survive… for a little while.. Here’s the longest people have survived without air, food, water, sunshine, or sleep.

How long do you think you could survive in a world with no air, no food, water, sunshine, or sleep? Probably not long, but let us know in the comments below!