Pokemon Go Prompts Armed Robber To Target PokeTrainers At Gunpoint

Whether you’re the CEO of a major company, a stay-at-home parent or a couch-jumping, recent college grad, you’re most likely playing Pokemon Go. It’s only been out for roughly a week, but it’s already the thing to do. When you see people swiping on their phones in public, they’re not reading texts anymore (texts are so last week), they’re catching Pokemon. Since most people can’t just let something maintain its innocence, however, a group of men have been targeting Pokemon Go players by luring them into Pokemon “hot spots” and robbing them at gun point. The old saying that refers to getting caught with your pants down can now officially be updated to “Getting caught with your Pokemon out.” Keep reading to find out more about the armed robber targeting PokeTrainers at gunpoint.

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