Country Music: Sweet Annie Sweet Song

Reconnect with the Zac Brown Band. Their song “Sweet Annie” tugs at our heart strings and reminds us the sweet feeling country music fills our souls with. The lines, “sweet Annie, can I stay with you a while, ’cause this road’s been puttin’ miles on my heart” will make your heart melt. Can we all be named Annie and be dating a touring musician (I’ll take either of the two)?

Even after two years since the release the song is still in the top 100 songs on the country music Billboard chart. The video is simple just like the song. It portrays a musician on the road who wants to come home to his country girl. We go googly eyed for the couple in this video and “aww” at their wedding. After the bride throws her bouquet the wedding party partakes in a huge water slide under the stars. Now that’s our idea of good ol’ country fun.

“Sweet Annie” is from the band’s album “Uncaged.” It is definitely worth a listen.