The Creepiest Things Society Accepts As Normal

If we all lived in a world where we worshipped hot dogs, getting on our knees and praying every time someone lit up the grill do you think it would be weird?  Men with hot dog carts would be kings!  Oscar Meyer would be a deity, and we’d honor cows, chickens, rats and whatever other animals are used to make hot dogs.  If that were the case, you probably wouldn’t think it was weird.  That’s the thing about societal norms… they can be astonishing in their weirdness but if the wisdom of the crowd deems them okay, then that’s just how it is.  In order to see otherwise, you have to really pop the red pill with some Mountain Dew Code Red while doing transcendental meditation on a donkey.  It takes focus to see just how weird societal norms can really be.  Let’s take a journey into the the creepiest things society accepts as normal.

What societal norms do you find creepy? Let us know in the comments!