The Milwaukee Cannibal: 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeffrey Dahmer

Some people call Jeffrey Dahmer a “relatable” serial killer, which is kind of surprising considering the gruesomeness of his crimes.  Perhaps they call him relatable because he struggled with similar things many of us do: his parents’ divorce, social anxiety and fitting in, among others.  He didn’t actually enjoy the act of killing, and he felt guilty for his crimes.  When police finally arrested and charged him, Dahmer said, “I know society will never be able to forgive me.  I know the families of the victims will never be able to forgive me for what I have done.  I promise I will pray each day to ask for their forgiveness when the hurt goes away, if ever.  I have seen their tears, and if I could give my life right now to bring their loved ones back, I would do it.”  How could someone so deranged be considered relatable?  Here’s 16 things you didn’t know about The Milwaukee Cannibal, better known as Jeffrey Dahmer.

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